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The Story of The Grazing Forest

Charcuterie is a food born of togetherness and community, an opportunity to return to our roots of humanity, eat with our hands, and share in the bounty with those around us. The Grazing Forest was brought to life out of a desire to bring that same togetherness to the local Western New York community.


We aim to be a force for good in our own small way, by partnering with local suppliers, supporting businesses owned by women, BIPOC, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. It's not enough for food to be delicious, it should capture all of the senses, nourish our body and soul, be harvested sustainably and responsibly, and showcase the best of our community.

The Grazing Forest was started in 2021 by Shain Toth out of a love of the artistry of charcuterie and a desire to share that. After creating boards for years for family gatherings and special events, it only made sense that the next step was to grow beyond his own kitchen.

All boards are lovingly crafted by Shain's hands in Williamsville, NY where Shain resides with his partner Kelsy, who owns and runs Buffalo Baked, a home bakery, and their 2 kids, Maya and Skyler.

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