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What is a Grazing Table
Brunch Grazing Table

Grazing tables are the ultimate event elevation. A wide variety of charcuterie, cheese, fruit, veggies, nuts, greenery, flowers, decor, and even more spread across a large table makes for a jaw dropping aesthetic and an awe inspiring meal. They are perfect for weddings, rehearsal dinners, parties, showers, events, picnics, brunch, or any time that you might typically have a buffet style meal.

Grazing Tables may be a single level across the table (known as a flat-lay) or utilize risers and different means of upraising the food which can truly "elevate" the table.

Guests are free to "graze" at their leisure, picking and choosing what they would like. They may be served as an appetizer during a cocktail hour or even as the main meal.

Every single grazing table is entirely unique, catered to the specific event, theme, and desires of you.

We book all grazing tables at least 2 weeks in advance and will work with you to ensure your event is a success. Grazing tables are assembled on site, so we require access to wherever you would like your table setup a few hours ahead of time. Table must be provided on location.

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