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"We stand on the shoulders of giants..."

When The Grazing Forest first began to be conceptualized there was a necessity to create something unique and partnering with the best food producers of Western New York is how the Grazing Forest has chosen to do so.

We make a conscious effort to partner with local, sustainable producers, and businesses that we believe deserve to be elevated. 

Our commitment is to utilize locally grown, produced, or butchered food. As a business, we have a choice in where our business goes, like any consumer and we believe that that choice also comes with a responsibility to uplift the community around us, in any way that we are able.

Because of the pride we take in the partners that choose to work with us, we do not do any relabelling and proudly display the origins of every product on an included sheet with every board.

Should your business be working with us? We're always interested in great Buffalo-based small businesses.

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