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Thoughts on Corprate Gifting
What Makes a Good Gift

There are several factors that determine the efficacy of a gift that should be considered:

- Is the gift thoughtful? Does it match the recipient's interests and expectations?

- What is your budget? 

- What is the level of your relationship with this recipient? Are they brand new to your business or a foundational member?

- Does the gift need to be personalized? Should you include your company logo?

- Are you gifting at the right time? Are you considering times outside of the last 2 weeks of Q4? Their birthday or anniversary, a random time to say thank you? Or are you gifting at the same time as every other company?

- How can you connect your gift back to your local community? Does your gift consider sustainability, disability awareness, local challenges and prosperity, or other factors that may be important to your recipient?

It's a lot of work to consider all of these things for every gift that's given, but the difference in reception will be immense.

What Makes a Good Gift
Thoughts on Corporate Gifting

Do you have a strategy for actively showing appreciation and gratitude to your employees and clients?

2020 was a difficult year for many businesses as they began to face the reality that the things they've been doing may not be working when it comes to employee appreciation as workers continually felt undervalued and sought to find greener pastures elsewhere. While it's a complex problem to solve, one of the first things to do is recognize that a $20 pizza and 10 minutes to eat it in a break room or at their desk simply isn't enough. And it's not about the money spent, but the thought that goes in. Momma always said, "it's the thought that counts", right?

Next, we want to recognize that gifts aren't the only answer. True, genuine recognition that is heartfelt, spontaneous, and public can be the catalyst to engaged, happy employees. This can be accompanied by a gift or not, but we believe it's best to mix the two!

Lastly, let's consider all of the same things for our clients, our business partners, our suppliers, anyone that has a hand in our company's success. Acquiring a new client can cost as much as 5x that of maintaining existing relationships. That means if you doubled your client retention budget, statistically you'd still come out ahead.

So, again, do you have a strategy to actively appreciate and show gratitude to those that make your business run?

We'd love to be a part of it. Let's talk about how.

Services We Offer
Services We Offer

The Grazing Forest offers a large number of options. We recommend the following to our corporate clients:

- Individualized Grazing Boxes that range from snack sized up to gourmet boutique 2-person meals. These can be delivered to the office or individually to recipients' homes for remote teams and those operating under Covid-19 protocols.

- Large Grazing Tables and charcuterie cups for client and/or employee appreciation and year-end events, etc. that can range from 20 people to hundreds. These are unlike anything your recipients will have seen and will surely be a night to stick in their mind!

Perfect for 

  • Business Dinners

  • Networking Events 

  • Product Launches 

  • Holiday Parties

  • Seminars

  • Charity Events

  • Trade Shows

Lastly, we offer a large number of optional add-ons that will make your gifting even more memorable, such as handwritten notes, custom labeling, flowers, and much more!

For pricing, ordering, and full options, please download the Media Kit below, which contains our pricing sheet and order forms in multiple formats.

Companies that we have worked with
Companies That We've Worked With
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