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Our mission

It's not enough for food to be delicious, it should capture all of the senses, nourish our body and soul, be harvested sustainably and responsibly, and showcase the best of our community.

A beautiful charcuterie board with honey, cheese, jam, salami, and edible flowers.

What we offer

Charcuterie Boards

A selection of the best that Western New York has to offer, artfully curated and displayed on handmade boards of sustainably harvested lumber from right here in Buffalo. Available in a variety of sizes as well as custom orders for larger events, including assembled-on-location grazing tables for weddings, parties, and corporate events.

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Single-Serve Disposable Charcuterie Boxes

The same artfully curated and displayed meats, cheeses, fruit, nuts, crackers, and garnish as our charcuterie boards, but in a conveniently packed box designed for a single meal. 

Perfect for on-the-go, packed lunch, gifting, or for grab and go food at events. Can be ordered in larger quantities for events like weddings, parties, showers, graduations, open houses, corporate events, team building, etc.

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Grazing Tables

Perfect for large events, weddings, graduation parties, etc. we can accommodate any size table with custom assortments of charcuterie that will allow your guests to pick their perfect plate.

For grazing tables we are able to partner with additional local businesses to offer selections such as baked goods, donut walls, cupcakes, and more...

Orange Cocktail
Private Bartending Services

Want to elevate your event even further? Add on our private bartenders and take all of the worry out of your event. We'll handle the food, the drinks, and the serving! Your party, holiday, wedding, shower, or any other event will be all the better for it!

All of our bartending services are certified and insured.

We provide beer and wine services, batch cocktails, signature cocktails, and show cocktails as well!

Charcuterie Classes

Want to not just eat charcuterie, but learn how to make your own beautiful board, how to pair meats and cheeses, and display food in unique and gorgeous ways? Check out one of our classes or even book your own private class for your group!

Our classes are more than just instruction, they're an opportunity to socialize, drink some wine, meet new friends or hangout with old friends, scratch the creative itch!

Wine and Cheese
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Corporate and Realtor Programs

Let us help you give gifts that will make your clients, employees, and business partners that will be remembered for a very long time! We offer a large number of services specifically for our corporate and realtor friends, including white label open house food and staging, employee gifting, customized closing gifts, event catering, private company classes, and more!

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